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People at the top of their field rarely get there by going at it alone. Each one of our client relationships is incredibly unique. Whether you’re a family, institution, individual or employer we understand your situation and are here to provide confidence and assurance in your financial life.

How Do You Imagine Your Retirement?

Learn how we can help you create a tax smart  spending strategy to avoid locking yourself into high tax rates during retirement.

Individuals & Families

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Special Needs Planning

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Trusts, Institutions & Foundations

At Smith And Co Investment Advisor Group, our own community commitments and wealth management expertise, position us to serve as your informed institutional wealth alliance. We know what it takes to navigate your institutional wealth through the challenges, onward to your unique opportunities.

As your fiduciary partner, we will roll up our sleeves to provide:

  • Multi-scenario projections to determine the optimal balance of risk and return needed.
  • Review and help to create an Investment Policy Statement and spending plan.
  • Management of all custodial issues (including account setup, transfers, disbursements, etc).
  • Clear and detailed quarterly performance reporting with benchmark comparisons and quarterly economic review/outlook.
  • Committee presentations for meetings as needed.
  • Institutional bond expertise and pricing.
  • Access to institutional and nonprofit research and education.
  • And more!

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Retirement plan sponsors have an enormous responsibility when providing a 401(k) plan to employees. Determining plan fees can often be a difficult task.

At Smith And Co Investment Advisor Group, our goal is to partner with you to provide your participants’ with personalized advice and professionally designed portfolios, while safeguarding your own interests.

Through our work with employers we offer:

  • Comprehensive fee and investment analysis on your current plan.
  • Alternative solutions based on open architecture.
  • Smoothly managed portfolio changes.
  • Participant-focused services.
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and Investment Committee backing.
  • Innovative Employee Financial Wellness Program.

Special Needs Planning

Between doctor appointments, IEP meetings and therapy visits raising a child with special needs can feel overwhelming. Taking a moment to set aside time to plan for your child’s future is without question hard to do. Thinking of the day-to-day stuff that needs to happen is hard enough. Let alone the planning that needs to be in place to secure your child’s future and coordinating those plans with your own retirement planning.

We get it. Having a plan though can help you achieve peace of mind that your child will be taken care of, even when you cannot.

We can help you develop a plan to ensure your child has the resources to reach his or her potential in society and maintain the appropriate level of independence. We’ll help you sort through various aspects of planning that should integrate life planning, resource planning, finance and legal planning and help you assemble a team of experts that can address all of these key areas. Perhaps most important we’ll help ensure a backup plan is in place even when that team may no longer be around.

We’ll help you look at:

  • An estimate of lifetime financial support your child will need.
  • A Letter of Intent that guides members of the family, friends of family and members of a Circle of Support who will need to take over for parents when the need arises to address social life, employment, and residential needs.
  • Document a Circle of Support of key individuals and what each does for your child such as family members, friends, a life coach, behavioral counselors, etc. and a transition plan to keep this all in place when you may not be able to.
  • Help you coordinate legal and estate planning including Special Needs Trusts and government benefit eligibility.
  • Assemble the right team of experts to ensure you’re doing the best you possibly can for securing your family’s future.

Individuals & Families

Many successful families face a tricky dilemma: They may lack the $50–$100 million portfolio required to grab the attention of a traditional advisory firm, but the confined mold of a big bank or brokerage firm isn’t a good fit either.

At Smith And Co Investment Advisor Group we believe successful professionals and their families deserve right-sized advisory services for making the most of their career wealth.

With dedicated wealth and strategic partners who can provide transparent, evidence-based advice, we offer a better approach to replace the status quo of being underserved and overcharged for mediocre care.